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WireIran Company was established in Iran for the first time in 1360 with the aim of acquiring the technical knowledge of designing and producing all kinds of car spark plugs.
Then, during a five-year research program, in 1365, for the first time in Iran, he succeeded in the production of wire and wire spark plug cables. With the production of this new product, Iran was placed in the group of eight countries that had the monopoly of the design and production technology of this type of cable.
The beginning of 1375 was accompanied by a new achievement in WireIran company. In this year, with the launch of the production line and the rubber curing and processing system, it was released to the market for the first time in Iran.
In continuation of this trend, in order to improve the quality of its products, by acquiring the technology of continuous baking systems and launching it in 1378, the cable with silicone insulation was launched on the market.
With the proposal of developing a mandatory national standard for resistance ignition cables based on the international standard
ISO 3808, the National Standards Organization of Iran agreed to form a committee to develop this standard and finally the regulation of the said standard was issued.
Following the mentioned standard, the construction of laboratory equipment based on the requirements of the newly published standard was achieved, and in February 2012, the first specialized automobile wire spark plug laboratory in the country was put into operation at WireIran Company, and by obtaining the laboratory qualification certificate, it became the only partner laboratory of the institute. Standard started its activity in this specialized field by serving standard and quality control institutions in all parts of the country.
The quality improvement of car spark plugs by producing fireproof silicon cables was done for the first time in Iran Wire Company
Iran Wire company in 2013 with the aim of developing and technology of silicon industry and sustainable access of customers to quality and reliable products and by taking advantage of high quality production, integrating the steps of providing raw materials and formulation and production engineering and matching the different needs of customers with different groups. Silicone started its silicon production activity. Technical knowledge and scientific and efficient managerial ability have caused this company to go through the steps of advancement and progress quickly, and now with having a significant share of the silicone products market, as well as developing the infrastructure of this industry and providing "quality" products. Bring good name and trust with you.
Rest assured that Wire Iran will make the best efforts to continuously increase the capabilities and efficiency of its production to the maximum extent.

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