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frequently asked questions

What is silicone?

Silicone rubber is a special synthetic elastomer that can provide a unique balance between chemical and mechanical properties, which is required by many industrial and health applications today. Since its initial construction in 1940, which was done in the Grignard laboratory. Its final commercial form today proves the superiority of silicone in the properties described below:

1- thermal stability, 2- low temperature flexibility, 3- chemical resistance, 4- compatibility with the environment, 5- good electrical performance, 6- sealing ability

In addition, due to its relative purity and chemical composition, silicone rubber exhibits exceptional biocompatibility, which makes it suitable for many healthcare and pharmaceutical needs. High productivity will be cost-effective for a long time. A good example of this claim can be the sealing washers and connectors used in the automotive industry, which have a long life in extreme thermal changes and diverse environmental conditions.

What is the superiority of silicone over other polymers?

Silicone has special properties, including: 1- Heat tolerance from -50 to +250 degrees 2- Ozone resistance 3- Very strong electrical insulation 4- Compatibility with the body and antibacterial 5- Suitable shape and dyeability

Silicone has a high thermal resistance, which has made it possible to use silicone as a suitable alternative to other polymers in cases where high heat is used in the work.

What is the difference between HTV silicone and RTV and LSR silicone?

The majority of silicone products include liquid silicones such as HTV, RTV, LSR, which are derivatives of silicones, which are later modified by changes in viscosity or degree of polymerization, this process starts with turning into silicon element. Silicon metal chemically reacts with methyl chloride at a temperature of 300 degrees in the vicinity of copper, and the resulting results lead to the formation of reactive methyl chlorosilanes, which are separated into three types of mono, di, and trichlorosilane with a little distillation.

Note that dichlorosilane species are of great importance for the formation of long linear polymer chains, because they can grow two-dimensional chemically, trichlorosilane species create a three-dimensional connection network, although for molding resins Rigid and non-elastomeric are important, but must be separated from the Di stream to prevent gelation of the polymer. Cyclic and linear siloxanes with low molecular weight are converted.

Is silicone considered a toxic substance?

Silicone is a very useful polymer and does not have any toxic effects on the environment, but if it is combined with peroxides (peroxide is inherently toxic), it has toxic effects.

How is silicone rubber compounded?

Unlike organic polymers, silicone polymers are inherently relatively weak and their tensile strength after cross-linking is only 1 MPa. In order to obtain useful engineering properties, it is necessary to use very fine reinforcing fillers with a high level of dispersion and good chemical compatibility. They are used with silicone.

Such as fumed silica (fumed silica) and precipitated silica, in addition to this, so-called functional oils are used with the help of processes to control sufficient durability and processability, and suitable curing agents compatible with silicone rubber are used for polymer vulcanization.

Is silicone a fire retardant?

Silicone does not have such a property by nature, but if special materials are added to it, it can have such properties.

Is silicone used in the food industry?

For use in food and medical industries, Medical Grade and Food Grade silicones are used.

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