Some products of Wire Iran company

From its establishment until now, WireIran Company has always been in a privileged position as an industrial group and leader in the design and manufacture of all kinds of wire spark plug wire sets and silicone parts due to its good reputation in providing worthy goods and services to customers.

Silicone products

WireIran is a producer of all kinds of silicone and silicone wire and cable

WireIran Company was established in Iran for the first time in 1360 with the aim of acquiring the technical knowledge of designing and producing all kinds of car spark plugs.
Then, during a five-year research program, in 1365, for the first time in Iran, he succeeded in the production of wire and spark plug wire cables. With the production of this new product, Iran was placed in the group of eight countries that had the monopoly of the design and production technology of this type of cable.

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In the field of silicone, medical grade silicones, food grade silicones and silicone peroxides, if you have any questions, ask the relevant expert.

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