HTV silicone with a hardness of 70

What is silicone?
Silicone rubber is a special synthetic elastomer that can provide a unique balance between chemical and mechanical properties, which is required by many industrial and sanitary applications today. Since its initial development in 1940, which was carried out in the Grignard laboratory, until its final commercial form today. The superiority of silicone has been proven in the following properties:
1- Thermal stability
2-Flexibility at low temperature
3-Chemical resistance
4-Compatibility with the environment
5- Proper electrical performance
6- Sealing ability
In addition, due to its relative purity and chemical composition, silicone rubber exhibits exceptional biocompatibility, which makes it suitable for many healthcare and pharmaceutical needs. Compared to many organic elastomers, silicone rubber offers high ease of manufacturing, which will lead to high productivity and cost-effectiveness for a long time. A good example of this claim can be sealing washers and connectors used in the automotive industry, which have a long life in changes. extreme heat and diverse environmental conditions.

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