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Respect the human character,attach importance to human wisdom;recognize the value of people,cherish human
Feelings;maintain human dignity,and improve people's quality.
Give people a chance and provide a stage to present
Themselves,and make sure they can get what they learn.
if a person has the ability,we will hire him but not pay much attention unless he has great morality;
if a person has both the ability and great morality, we will break the rule to hire him;
if a person has the ability but no morality, we will hire him limitedly;
if a person has no ability and morality, we will never hire him

    تماس با ما

    ما الان اینجا نیستیم اما شما می توانید برای ما ایمیل بفرستید و ما در اسرع وقت با شما تماس خواهیم گرفت.

    سوال، مسئله یا نگرانی دارید؟ من دوست دارم به شما کمک کنم!

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