Wire Iran Co.

Wire Iran is a design and manufacturing company that specializes in production of ignition cables and Silicone rubber products. Wire Iran has utilized advanced manufacturing technology and equipment, skilled technicians and staff and effective management system to continuously enhance production efficiency and raise the quality of its products.

With more than 40 years of experience fabricating high quality wires using a wide range of rubber compounds, we have unleashed the potentials of silicone rubber, took advantage of its diverse properties, and developed high quality silicone rubber parts, that are consistent, reliable and…

Wire Iran Laboratory

In 2003, we recieved the certification of laboratories’ qualification and right away established our first specialized laboratory. This enabled us to evaluate and raise the quality of our silicone fireproof candles in automobile spark plugs – according to the international standard ISO 3808 of resistance ignition cables.

Currently, our advanced quality control & assurance system ensures the highest quality products, manufactured strictly in accordance with international standards such as ISO. DIN. JIS. etc.

Tensile Test

High Voltage cable test

Uniformity Test