Wire Iran History

  • Wire Iran was established in 1980 with the aim of acquiring the technical knowledge to design and produce all kinds of spark plug wires.
  • After a five-year research program, in 1985, it succeeded in producing spark plug wire for the first time in Iran, which made Iran one of the eight countries that had a monopoly on the technology of designing and producing this type of cable at that time.
  • In 1378, it launched thr continuous baking systems and in order to improve the quality of its products, Wire Iran produced cables with silicone insulation for the first time. Subsequently, in order to match the different needs of customers with different silicone groups, it made the steps of supplying raw materials, formulation and engineering of his production highly integrated and efficient and succeeded in producing and supplying high quality silicon from leading companies.


  • In 2003, Wire Iran succeeded in receiving the certification of laboratories’ qualification and he established the first specialized laboratory of automobile spark plugs in Iran – according to the international standard ISO 3808 of resistance ignition cables. which played an important role in evaluating and improving the quality of silicone fireproof candles.
  • Since 1390, Wire Iran has been continuously active in the development and technology of the silicon industry and in the field of production and supply of silicon products. Since then, it has tried to develop production capabilities and efficiency, by improving technical knowledge and scientific management ability. It is a suitable base for customers’ stable access to quality and reliable silicone products.2003