Silicone Rubber Application

Silicone’s unique properties make it ideal for a wide range of manufacturing applications covering industries including: automotive, aviation and aerospace, bake and cookware,cable, electronics,engines, molding, semi-conductors and toys. Once mixed and coloured, silicone rubber can be extruded into tubes, strips, solid cord or custom profiles according to the size specifications of the manufacturer. Cord can be joined to make O-rings and extruded profiles can be joined to make seals. Silicone rubber can be moulded into custom shapes and designs. Manufacturers work to set industry tolerances when extruding, cutting or joining silicone rubber profiles. 

At Wire Iran, we design and manufacture your silicone products. Whether you are in aerospace, automotive, medical or any other sector, we make sure our design team, high-performance silicone solutions and precision machinary  meet your specific needs.

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Silicone Cables

Various types of silicone cable: (1×1), (1×2), (1×3), (1×4)

Fire proof, high heat resistant. 

Special Silicone Tube

Various kind of tubes, hoses, etc used in industry


Special Silicone Part

Seals, gaskets, caps, boots, wire components, auto glass seal, helicopter door and others.